Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Baby Boomers Dream Destination: Road Trip Back Into 1950s America

The most remarkable trek back in time includes a road trek to Bisbee, Arizona. A ghost town within the city called "Lowell, Arizona," is a photo op dream. There is a 1950s diner, all the buildings are done in 1950s with the signs and posters of the day, old gas station and pumps and mid century cars lining the street. 

From Buff to Blob: Baby Boomers' Spread

Somewhere along the line we went from carefree youths that concentrated on who to sit by in the cafeteria, where the first kiss would come from, and how long until we got our driver's license, to adults focused on what we were told we should have. 

From that came many compromises to own a home, buy a car, buy another car, take a vacation, raise a family.... 

Pretty soon decades went by. 

Even though it seems like the world rushed by at a fast pace, we were seated almost the whole time! 

Middle-aged spread isn't quite like the Freshman 15. It takes time to get to a state of muscle degradation, poor coordination, inflexibility, bad joints, and body fat.

MOMO: Missouri Monster Film Releasing in September!

Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters does it again! (I just love this series of documentaries!!!) I had a chance to preview it ...