Thursday, August 1, 2019

Speakeasy Bars

Going underground, dark and atmospheric, chic and formal, speakeasy bars are the biggest trend and so much fun. Anyone can go to a noisy bar, but a murky, secluded speakeasy with unusual and very expensive cocktails feels very exclusive and very sexy.

Tesla-Inspired NYC speakeasy
HR Giger Museum in Switzerland
PDT (Please Don't Tell) in NYC - you enter through an old phone booth
Ladies and Gentlemen in London

Start looking around your area for speakeasy bars. They are a fun date night location that your lady or gent will love!

If you stay home, turn down the lights, get some mason jars and glow sticks, and try one of these Speakeasy Cocktail Recipes.  

Communal Living Alternatives: Today's Co-Housing

There were communes in the 60s, usually associated with religious cults and free-loving/free-drugging environments. They got a reputation. But, today's communal living has a purpose that is to share an environment, whether it's artistic or agricultural, in which everyone feels a part of keeping things running and carrying the load. Here's just some options if you dreamed of being close to your neighbors in a true community, maybe you're on your own at this time and want a different way to live than in a rental box in an apartment complex.

Contemporary Music Inspiration For Baby Boomers Starting the REAL Part of Their Lives

We are enjoying some tunes from singers who get the vibe of our baby boomer era -