1960s and 1970s-Themed Businesses

There is no better way to get attention from the massive baby boomer crowd (half the country is now over 38 years of age), than to take us back to a time when we were full of dreams, excitement, new freedoms, and carefree summers than to have a 1960s or 1970s groovy business. 

My best friend Julie and I were cruising in downtown Phoenix area when we came across The Beach House.

The Beach House found at 5th St. and Camelback in Phoenix is easy to spot with a VW van and a big smiley face sign.

It has such a vintage beach vibe and salty weather-worn look with clean casual dining tables scattered under happy shelter with plants and birds around. The open-air feel and decidedly beachy vibe truly make you feel you're at a Mexico or California beach.

I ordered one of each - grilled and fried fish taco baja style. Oh my gosh - the fried one was the single best fish taco of my entire lifetime. It was nicely coated and crisp bite, flaky white meat, amazing sauces on it that are addictive. I also added some of the table-side, green, medium heat hot sauce and was very happy!!

The staff obviously loves what they do and their casual and very friendly attitude makes you feel like part of the beachy bohemian tribe.

This place is a definite must getaway in the Phoenix sun to feel like you had lunch at a beach getaway.

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Go look for diners of the 50s or coffee houses of the 60s. Trip Advisor has a list of 50s and 60s themed restaurants - LINK.

Try the remaining Farrell's ice cream parlor - LINK
Remember Shakey's Pizza Parlor - LINK


That 70s Store in Mayer, Arizona is a favorite destination for my best friend and me. Talk about being throw back in time! The fashions are amazing and you want to leave with everything you found!

The store owner is also gifted at leather work and her items are amazing! She has moccasins, accessories, shirts, dresses, purses, even leather bikinis!

Start looking around vintage stores and even secondhand stores. Try looking up vintage clothing and even on places like Ebay and Etsy. Also, don't forget to check boho shops. There are many modern takes on our era. Places like Lucky Jeans in the mall are great finds, as well as Free People and Pyramid Collection.  

Consider looking up head shops, record stores, skate shops, casino concert venues (often vintage bands), ice cream parlors, soda fountains, antique shops, and diners. Getting your nostalgia on is easy these days as baby boomers outnumber the others. 

Hell, even Jimmy Buffett created a retirement community called Latitude Margaritaville