Greetings From a Baby Boomer!

Welcome on board my baby boomer friends.

This is a blog that will inspire us to go back to our origins, our talents, our obsessions, our dreams and rejuvenate each day knowing exactly who we are and claiming it proudly.

Life brought us to this moment in time with a set of experiences, resources, and support. We can take these assets and repurpose and make something new out of something old, chase those dreams, fulfill those longings.

We are going to blend the child we were with the mature adult of today into something divinely correct - our destiny!

I hope to impart much wisdom, smiles, laughs, tips, and tons of inspiration to really look at life in a new way, like the eyes of the child we once were...when no one was looking or expecting anything.

I am a spirited child inside and so many posts will show how to rebirth your spirit in creative ways. I hope to help everyone -

give up others expectations, adjust to divorce or dating, alternative ways to live such as being nomadic or downsizing, how to grow your own food, what happened to the bands we once loved? How to grow old gracefully, how to squeeze adventure out of your life, creative endeavors, soul-searching, amending past differences, reclaiming the real you - body, mind, spirit and heart.

This is your middle-aged resource site!