Repurposing: Taking Old Stuff and Giving It New Purpose

I have spent a lifetime taking what's around me and making something new out of it. This is a metaphor for what this blog is about. I will spend a lot of time encouraging y'all to take the parts of your life, the components you have around you now - resources, finances, connections, support system, talents, experience, etc and repurposing it. 

Today, I'm going to share about repurposing found objects or objects around the house for a new use. I am also a thrifty person so you won't see me pushing a lot of expensive solutions. This task of repurposing objects can help you in your own internal shift. 

Take it as a challenge. Don't give up. See it in a new way. Act on it.

This is just some possible inspiration.

Look at your life. The dresser doesn't define itself as just a dresser. Once you take a door off and make a shelf, it becomes something more. The cheese grater isn't just a kitchen tool, it can be a light's pretty filter.

So it is with us. We are not just teachers or lawyers, wives or file clerks. We can take any component of us, change something out, and become something more. The teacher sends the summer making necklaces and selling them on Etsy. The lawyer spends the weekends entering marathons. The wife organizes a city garden to teach about growing food. A file clerk downsizes and learns to build a tiny home.

We can be anything we put ourselves to. The parts are there. We just have to envision them in a new arrangement.

Yup, this is me.  Outside, a bit changed. Inside, still the independent builder of my dreams.