Baby Boomer Tattoos

Tattoos in our youth were a sign of rebellion. Today, it is more like a requirement for individual expression from young to old. For some, they are a symbol. For others, they are a narrative.

I chose a tumbling autumn leaf as I am often referred to as Autumnforest. It's not only my favorite season, but a great symbol. I see myself as an oak leaf from a strong family tree, but as the baby by many years, I am tumbling, drifting, changing and coming into my own. 

Let's have a look at baby boomer tatts - 

Candy cigarettes and temporary tattoos. We were born to the adult world of smoking and tattoo art. Lots of baby boomers have tattoos. 

I got mine in 2008 as a sign of independence and a desire to be individual again. Marriage and adulthood has a way of filing down the edges until you're just a spherical pasteurized version of who you truly are: Who you were meant to be. 

The tatt helped me reclaim symbolically in an outward gesture to the world what I was beginning to reclaim in my life as I worked up my courage to leave my marriage and then my job.

Check out some inspired tatts for baby boomers and of an era that involved a great deal of symbols. 

(1960s then and now)

Many people our age have tribute and memorial tatts. Perhaps we have grandkids represented, a flower for each one, military or flag symbols, or maybe we lost our parents or loved ones and want them forever with us. The content of our tatts change from defiance when we were younger to passions when we're in our adulthood and now to something a bit more symbolic.

Maybe you already have your statement on your ankle, arm, back or torso, but perhaps you're at a point in your life where you need to remember who you are, claim the soul within. 

There are more tatt options now than ever including 3D ones. Work with a good artist and make a decision perhaps that incorporates several symbols of your time. 

And please feel free to share it here!