Baby Boomers Aging Faces Still Contain Our Youth

14 versus 54

Considering we grew up in an era of suntanning, smoking, drugs, staying up late, listening to loud music, and generally wearing ourselves down, Baby Boomers contain an amazing vitality. We aren't aging like our parents did. 

I look at my mom in her 50s and think, "wow, I am doing something right!" That something right is not settling for what I was told I should be looking like and acting like in my 50s. We are generation that is redefining retirement!

A lot of us grew up in an environmentally concerned era and worry even today about toxins, plastics, radiation, pollution, etc. I use vitamin C cream and coconut oil on my face. No wrinkle creams. I don't want to rub chemicals into my skin. I gave up sunshine a long time ago. I drink lots of water. I don't get drunk anymore, but I still enjoy a mellow tipsy upon occasion. I never did drugs - amazing for my era. I quit smoking in 12th grade. So, all in all, I upped my odds of aging more gracefully.

I also gave up some of the old makeup practices like dark lipsticks and lined eyes. I refused to chop my hair off, even after menopause when it thinned by half and was brittle. I honestly think that women who let themselves age with long hair and very naturally are stunningly striking compared to the women in hair rollers of my mother's menopausal set.

Here's some nice examples -

The popular Instagram lady, "Accidental Icon" is one fine example of the new aging -

My best tips for makeup include - using a kabuki brush and Dermacol foundation (use very very sparingly - it seriously evens out skin tone). No dark eyeliner. I put a colored eyeshadow powder beneath eyes to brighten. For my eyes, I use aquamarine or green.

Keep it neutral in browns or brownish mauve for lid and crease and pale apricot below the brow. For this pic (above), I used a tiny black pencil to define the eyes more, but for daytime - I don't use that. If you have blue eyes, I'd consider purple under the eye - lavender. If you have hazel eyes, I'd consider green or purple. If you have brown eyes like me, aquamarine and green. If you have green eyes, use purple. Here's the daytime makeup (below)

It's amazing how much dark lipstick and eyeliner age a person. An adolescent suddenly looks 30. Imagine if you're 60 years old?

Even though men are allowed to grow old and even enhance their appeal with age -

We women are showing our new-gained confidence as we move into the latter years. Hell, we're totally owning it!

Some might use more artificial means to age, but sadly they lose their essence.

As my face ages, I think back to when I was a kid. I was a fashion nut. I would put together the strangest combos but wear them with the utter confidence that I am blazing a trail. And everyone around me reacted with delight because I was so sure of my look that I appeared to be setting a trend.

I look at the pics of me from the past (like the one at the top of this post) and realize that I still have that smile. I still have that twinkle in my eyes. The personality and the quirks are all there.

I am still me!

Go forward with your life-updated face with such confidence, those around you believe you are a style icon and an amazing example!


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