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Baby Boomers: Complete Guide to Redefining Your Genuine Style

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Hey, we are of an era! We were marinated in rock `n' roll. There's an inner hippie, outdoors, Levi-wearing, t-shirt coveting soul inside each of us. The middle years are a time to redefine ourselves from the "work-a-day mommy/daddy" look to who we really are at the core of our soul. We grew up in the times of handcrafted textiles, cotton, and casual. I'll show you how to reconnect with the type of look you enjoyed.

Beach Bum

This might be you if you loved skateboarding, surfing, beaches, sunshine, tanning, and the water. You might have been called a skater, All-American, girl-next-door or high energy/upbeat. You wanted the wind in your hair in any form - convertibles, the beach, skating. You were likely a magnetic personality. You might have adored the Beach Boys and Gidget. As you gain some age and experience, you find yourself still drawn to Jimmy Buffett and cruises.

Fashion icons for beach bum - Sheryl Crow and Matthew McConaughey 

- Terms to look for on jewelry and clothing searches -
Jimmy Buffett

board Shorts
tie Dye tees
Daisy Duke jean shorts
white tee
surfer bracelets/necklaces - hemp, puka, wood beads
Hawaiian print shirts
sunglasses - either go big or go aviator 
beach bags
baja hoodies
Dickies and Vans brands
skater clothes
pastels, sand, blues, greens

- Shops to try -
American Eagle
look up "vintage surfer" for online possibilities

- ways to express this type - 
skoolies/renovated buses
shell collecting
flying kites
collecting seashells 
swimming pool
steel drum
tiki bars

- fragrance - 
Clinique "Happy" for women
Tommy Bahama "Set Sail St. Bart's"


This might be you if you were creative, artistic, counterculture, gothic, deep thinking and fashion daring. You might have been called an artist, a rebel, a loner, and the one who could hang alone and be perfectly fine. You wanted to create something that could fully express the depth of your soul and feelings, whether it was art, music, or poetry. You may have adored the commune era and nomad life. As you gain age and experience, you find yourself tempted by the vagabond converted bus lifestyle and opening your own creative biz.

Fashion icon - Stevie Nicks and Johnny Depp

Terms to look for on jewelry and clothing searches - 

- items - 
off-shoulder gypsy blouse
peasant skirt
stacked jewelry - powerful jewelry statement
flowing, nonstructured
ethnic elements
earthy colors, deep rich tones

- shops to try -
Mindful Bohemian Shop
look up "vintage boho" for clothing online

- ways to express this type - 
poetry and journal writing
reading "Bella Grace" magazine
writing music
painting paintings/sketching
mixing and matching fashion
coffee houses

- fragrances - 
men - Skylar Isle
women - Love and Flowers Bohemian Sandalwood Perfume

Stoner/Concert Goer

This might be you if you were a stoner, loved concerts, played music, lived for rock `n' roll and wore jeans always. You might have been described by others as cutting edge, a musician, a loner, a stoner, or a philosophical genius. You wanted to experience everything without limits. You absolutely questioned everything. You might have adored partying and garage bands. As you gain age and experience, you find yourself wanting to ease back into the cannabis bliss and create music or at least chase the vintage bands on the casino circuit.

- fashion icons - 
Bruce Springsteen and Janis Joplin

- Terms to look for on jewelry and clothing searches - 
rock `n' roll
head shop

- items - 
Tie dye
Concert tees
work boots
black, white, gray, red - basic core colors

- shops to try - 
Urban Outfitters
look up "vintage concert clothing" for online possibilities

- ways to express this type -
pick up the guitar again or finally learn it
play music in background
buy hemp products
huka bars
brewing your own beer
home theater

- fragrances - 
men - Fresh Cannabis Santal
women - Ambrette Organic Perfume

Southwest/Earth Child/Native

This might be you if you were a nature person, loved tassels and feathers, Native American looks and feels, leather, suede and had an activist's heart. You might have been called the activist, the one who wanted to change the world, the outdoorsy one who believed everyone is equal. You tended to root for the underdog and wanted to help mankind. You might have adored the idea of Peace Corps and living like Jeremiah Johnson. As you gain age and experience, you find yourself attracted to off-grid living and vegan lifestyle.

- fashion icons - 
Billy Jack and Daryl Hannah

- terms to look for on jewelry and clothing searches - 
Native American
Billy Jack

- items - 
desert tones, nude colors, sand, tan, brownish red, mustard, turquoise

- shops to try
Sundance Catalog
Desert Soul Boutique
Pinto Ranch
look up "vintage southwestern" for clothing online

- ways to express this type - 
volunteer for trash cleanup
stay at a ranch
hike the Grand Canyon
Visit Sedona and join a drum circle
Take up leather work
Grow your own food in an organic garden
Build an Earth Ship
Take up vegan lifestyle
Go off-grid
study healing

- fragrances -
Reclaim for men
Providence perfume company Sedona Sweet Grass


This might be you if you were influenced by 50s and 60s biker era, loved the open road, the smell of leather, the feeling of being in control. Others might have called you mature for your age, strong, intimidating, or tough. You were always wanting to feel the next thrill, the power and the command. You might have adored Billy Jack and biker gangs. As you gain age and experience, the open road beckons you and vacations to ghost towns in Colorado and Historic Route 66 are daydreams.

- Fashion icons -
Marlon Brando and Pink

- terms to look for on jewelry and clothing searches - 

- items - 
duster jacket
bomber jacket
leather jacket
biker club jackets
brando visor cap
incorporate steampunk look
white ribbed tank top
leather and chrome jewelry

- shops to try - 
Clyde the Glyde
Hot Leathers
Biker's Den
look up "vintage biker" for clothing online

- ways to express this type - 
road trips
riding a bike for exercise
restoring a vintage bike
joining social clubs that take trips
bike rallies
muscle car clubs
muscle car renovation
collecting vintage biker patches

- fragrances - 
men - Uomini Moto Soul eau de toilette
women - Ed Hardy Born Wild eau de parfum

Who am I? 

Beach Bum

I call myself a bohemian beach gal. My coloring influences are sea and sky pastels, but I grew up in the era of crochet and embroidery so I like the bohemian aspects. I was never the structured suit type. Given my red hair and pale skin, I suit well to Victorian Era and Steampunk, but there is a mermaid in my soul.

I was a skater and my family had a summer house on the Chesapeake with a cabin cruiser. I came alive riding with windows open and being on the open water. Beach bum can go either surfer intense or simply cut off shorts and tees with thong sandals or crochet coverups and heeled sandals. The look happens with mix of textures, loose and flowing, tons of stacked jewelry, braids, crochet, mixed patterns, faded jeans.

As an artist, my obsession with sea and sky has been really evident - 

Re-find yourself, redefine yourself. Bring in elements of vintage and symbols, textiles, scents, and hobbies/focuses that jive with who you inherently always were. No more conforming. That's something we felt we HAD to do, but something we always loathed as a generation.

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