Baby Boomers Dream Destination: Road Trip Back Into 1950s America

The most remarkable trek back in time includes a road trek to Bisbee, Arizona. A ghost town within the city called "Lowell, Arizona," is a photo op dream. There is a 1950s diner, all the buildings are done in 1950s with the signs and posters of the day, old gas station and pumps and mid century cars lining the street. 

And this is just the beginning!

Just down the road from Lowell is the Shady Dell Motel.

This mid-century recreation of a trailer court offers old mid century vehicles to sleep inside of such as an old school bus, drive-in theater set up, airstream trailers, even a yacht. You will feel like you went back in time!

Want some mid century clothing and accessories by an amazing designer with quirky themes?

 Sweet Midnight
Products can be found at Victoria’s Salon at the corner of Hwy 92 and Naco Hwy. 520-432-3308

Downtown Bisbee is an amazing mix of shops and restaurants completely designed for the baby boomer's tastes. There are also ghost tours, haunted hotels, and mine tours. It's well worth the trek and the drive there is outstandingly picturesque! 

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