Cocktails We Have Known

Sharon - author of this post 

Julie and I live about 45 minutes away from each other, so we see each other once a month, maybe twice depending on the season. In October (our month) we are constantly doing Halloween-related events. We are known for having a cocktail and chilling out. And, I get known for making a goofy video to share with my Facebook friends. We always go with the season for what to make.

Letting off steam for two women who work hard all week is a pretty precious practice.

This summer, we did the watermelon margarita (above). We made a syrup of sugar and watermelon (we did 2 parts pureed watermelon to 1 part sugar on stove until sugar melted - only a few minutes). Added watermelon puree, lots of lime juice and tequila. For that one, we wet the rim of the glass with lime juice and dipped it into fruit punch pop rocks! We garnished with a slice of watermelon. Oh my!

In the springtime, we did a watermelon mojito. 1/2 c. simple syrup (equal amounts of water and sugar melted on stove a few minutes), 12 oz Bacardi rum, 6 T. squeezed lime juice, 30 leaves of mint (crushed with back of spoon or in mortar and pestle), 3 thick slices of watermelon pureed. This makes a few glasses worth on ice.

At Halloween, we got known for the Alien Brain Hemorrhage.

At New Years, we had my sidekick ventriloquist doll, Dale, make us a cocktail called the Sourpuss (his own invention - wink). It was a mix of vodka and pickle juice.

When it started to get real hot, Julie and I sat out by the water and had a Pink Bikini Cocktail (recipe we found online) and it tasted exactly like fruit punch and couldn't taste the liquor!

2 parts pink lemonade - one part amaretto - one part coconut rum. Pour it over ice.

I'm not a liquor drinker except the getaway cocktails, so I don't stock a lot of things for making drinks, but I am kind of girlie so what I like to have on hand is uniquely me:

I do enjoy having on-hand coconut rum (we live in a hot desert and so summery cocktails are common), spiced rum (for winter), amaretto (sometimes over ice as it is or with cream is delish), Kahlua (I'm a girl, we like to have it on-hand), Bailey's Irish Cream. 

If I needed to keep on-hand more manly or powerful liquors, I might add whiskey and tequila, but I'm not a big fan of vodka.

My favorite cocktails of all time? Blue Hawaii, Mojito, fruit-flavored margarita, Russian Mule.

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, nothing quite says "party and relax" like a cocktail outside or by the fireplace.