Couples Retreats

Maybe you've earned it - the kids are gone and it's your time or perhaps you feel you need to reset the button on your relationship. Couples retreats can be a fantastic way to create new memories of just you two together. Some have themes like yoga or meditation and others are oriented on skill building. Here's some awesome ones to be found -

Lake Titicaca, Peru

For some spiritually focused, meditation-enriched time together, this one is ideal. If you are both the nerd types intrigued by marching out to ancient sites in Peru, this is a dream come true. This island location touts temples and silence and time to totally regroup.


This couples retreat focuses on breath work, yoga, working on your spiritual and mental paths and your sexual energy and its importance. 

It goes without saying that a vacation does wonders for renewing feelings, but if you go home and things just fall back into the same patterns, it might be time for a couples retreat where you can get counseling, build new skills for coping with stress so it doesn't get expressed on each other in dysfunctional forms.

Sedona, Arizona

Here, you can expect a spiritual and healing journey. You don't have to be forced into group sessions and embarrassing reveals. You can work with a master healer as a couple alone. With healing and massages, the beautiful peaceful outdoors and some time and attention alone, this can be just what you needed.

Take the time to do the research and to read reviews. Sometimes, an epic location gives a perspective that is much-needed. If you are both willing to do the work, coming home to the "real world" will seem like a team effort and the time spent in at the retreat will seep into everyday life decisions and approaches.

If you don't think you need to get far away to find yourselves, consider finding a couples therapist, whether they are a healer or a cognitive-behavioral therapist. Set up appointments and prepare meals together, go get a massage together, go to the movie theater and hold hands and share popcorn. Try and work within the world that you live in day to day but get the perspective you need. Consider is a couple stay-cation.