Introducing the Bloggers of Groovy New Life - Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson

Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson

Sharon Day: Divorcee, Oil and gas industry equipment broker, artist, public speaker, author of books, blogger, urban explorer, gardener, screenwriter/film industry production, humorist, dreamer and doer.. 

Julie Ferguson: Long-term marriage, artist, author of books, blogger, gardener, craftswoman, interior decorator, photographer, jewelry maker, urban explorer, dreamer and doer.

We are so thrilled to be sharing the excitement of the age of baby boomers with our fellow peers. 

We have been friends for 10 years and the relationship was based on meeting in middle years at the worst time in both our lives (Sharon in a bad marriage and her work being outsourced and Julie laid off from long-term career) 

We took our friendship on the road on treks to kick up the dust in our lives and come back with more determination and focus on making dreams come true with our remaining decades. We wrote books, grew our blogs, dove into paranormal investigations, explored abandoned sites, celebrated the milestones of our efforts and encouraged our artistic talents. 

These years; this time of our lives; it is ours and we are embracing it and want to share the new-found freedoms and possibilities, chasing the bucket list, and re-owning our true selves with our readers. 

Expect to see our YouTube channel, Instagram (groovynewlife), and Etsy shop opening soon to be able to share how you can dream it and make it happen. We will inspire and educate about topics of interest to baby boomers. 

There are other ways to live: Ways that wake us up, challenge us, reward us, and leave us with no regrets.

We will also take y'all on the road and share the passion for discovery and experiencing novel things, going to novel places, and trying all kinds of new challenges. The posts on this blog will reflect our desire to share concepts, possibilities, changes, goals and lifestyle so that our fellow baby boomers feel less isolated in a life they have been churning in and start to test dreams and novel experiences.

This is a very precious time of life with the rights and privileges and means of an adult and the enthusiasm and freedom of a child.

We baby boomers repurposing our lives, taking what we have available from experience to assets, talents to dreams and finding a new way to utilize them for self-efficacy, independence, pleasure, and success.

Let's take this journey into the best years together! 


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