What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Post by Sharon 

Supposing you can't change the timeline and history of your life, but you can talk to the younger you about what he/she might need for the trials ahead. What would you tell yourself? 

With these three bits of advice, I think I could handle what was coming ahead in my life - 


I know my #1 thing to tell myself is "Sharon, do not let fear make your decisions." Fear wants you to do nothing because if you do something there will be a result and that could be a detrimental one. Fear often keeps us from expanding because of perfectionistic standards. I better do it flawlessly or I'll be a failure.

I spent a good deal of every experience in my life, dog paddling in a sea of fear. It kept me from making decisions, going places, doing things with confidence. I never regret what I did. I regret what I DIDN'T do.


I'd probably say, "Sharon, you're going to continue to try lots of new things throughout life. That's your nature as you enjoy the learning process and mastering. Some of these things will end up being shelved. Others things you won't really enjoy. But, these things don't have to result in any awards, world records, recognition, financial gain or even notoriety. They simply have to be moments in which you work with yourself, coach yourself, persist, and discover. Some discoveries will be that you don't want to continue that path and some discoveries will be that you are great at competing with yourself to do better each time. But, none of it is ever for naught." 

The things I've always bragged about were what I persisted through. The time I climbed to 11,000 feet on the mountain was a big bragging moment. Not the time I decided to make an excuse and not show up. 


If you turn yourself inside out to be something you inherently aren't, then others are driving your bus. You can never get their approval because part of why they want you to change is to control you. If you finally "arrive" by their standards, they must find another hoop for you to jump through so they can own you, body, mind, and spirit. Eventually, you lose your spirit because there is nothing you are passionate about, as it is not your passion you're chasing. And, ultimately you will rebel.

In conclusion, this advice you'd tell your younger self to handle what's ahead - that's what you need to pass down to your offspring and the youth you want to impress. It's not the decisions you made on the path - it's the tools you had to adapt.


  1. I would tell myself not to base my happiness on finding a man.


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