Add a Little Homesteading to Your Everyday Life

Post by Sharon 

Most people have a wee homesteader inside of them. It might be appreciating repurposing cast-out items, fixing things around the house and yard, constructing things, experimenting with cooking and canning, growing vegetables and the like.

The sense of independence and industry, time with nature and mastery of skills are intoxicating.

I grow an organic garden with herbs, veggies, fruits, roots, you name it! But I also look to creating interesting artwork for the yard made out of found objects and interesting trellises to grow vines up.

The homeowner where I live decided to throw out the screen door, but I saw a trellis.

Now, pole beans having a support and it adds some architectural interest to the patio. As he is wheelchair bound right now, he will appreciate being able to pick beans off his porch.

As well, I am growing a wall of corn and melons along the patio that both shade the patio from heat, give privacy, and make a place for him to pick.

There are grapevines growing along the corner post of the patio where I have a pot of flowers lined by empty wine bottles that catch the light. I put hooks on the posts of the patio with twine pulled taut for the grapevines to grow up and block sun off the porch.

This birdfeeder above was made from an old headboard post found out in the desert and a piece of broken composite board painted in southwest colors and a bird feeder attached to it.

I took an old terra cotta pot and painted it with southwestern colors and added a white platter with water for a bird bath.

There are so many things you can work with to put a little homesteading in your life.

Consider -

*making compost

*growing a garden

*repurposing household items as garden art or practical places for plants to climb

*making wine or beer

*using herbs for healing

*making healing bitters

*canning extra produce

*utilizing architectural elements like windows, doors and gates for garden art.

*make a potting shed out of found items. (go on and find out what your neighbors might be getting rid of if you haul it away, like taking down a gazebo and using the wood or garden rock).

*call your landscapers or city for free mulch that they dump on your driveway and you can haul to your garden and put where you need it.

*learn how to quilt and sew.

*try your hand at making pottery.

*make a koi fish pond.

*get some chickens for your yard and to love.

There is something about a sense of self reliance, the physical industry that goes into homesteading that makes you feel young and strong and in control of a life that sometimes feels like it's in your boss's or family's hands.