Autumn Crafts With Nature in Mind

Post by Sharon

With summer trying to wind down, but not at all fast enough for most of us, it's a good time to tuck inside and work on some crafts that make you think of the beloved season. Here's some ideas, many inspired by nature which is so abundant in building materials -

You have twigs and seed pods, what do you do? Make dragonflies, of course!

A couple of driftwood projects (you can find driftwood on etsy)

plant bugs

tree lamp

old chipped wood into shelving

an antler painted with native look

Limb broken in three places, each one placed in a frame in sequence

To fit over glass candle holders

gourd lantern

apple heads

paint a leaf, press it onto some craft paper to leave its imprint, then paint atop of it, cut the paper in leaf shape

painted sticks