Man Caves and She Sheds

Post by Sharon 

No matter how great a relationship is, everyone wants to have that precious space that makes them feel like an independent individual whose interests and tastes are being expressed. For men, it is sometimes the garage, for women the bathroom tub. But, if you have the space for a man cave and a she shed, you are truly privileged. If not, there's other ways to get that "I'm represented" feel in your home without having to take up an entire room. Here's suggestions for either scenario -


A book study, a game room, a card-playing space, a pool room, a workout den, a game-and-movie-watching space... There are lots of possibilities for a man cave. 


I'd suggest you either break the room into sections for each interest or choose one theme. Mixing it up can be confusing. Perhaps near the fireplace you have a large-screen TV and sofa. Then on the back of the room, you display your nature photography. Consider the colors that make you feel comfortable or your sports colors. 


If you don't have an entire room to yourself, try making a space. A wall in the garage, even a bookcase and desk area in a common room can become marked by you. 


A craft/sewing room, a tea room, a bathroom spa, a potting shed, a greenhouse... There are lots of possibilities for a she shed. 


Gardening, sewing, memory album assembly, painting.... For some women, it's an opportunity to decorate with feminine shabby chic frill and for others it's about peace and quiet and not having to do housework or deal with loud TVs and laundry machines. 


A she shed is an ideal situation, giving a woman a space away from the household fray. A little decorated cottage in the backyard where she can have her own little house. If it's impossible to do a she shed in the yard, consider making a spa bathroom with bath salts, manicure kit, clay face mask medium, and some candles at the tub. 

Here's what some folks have done with man caves and she sheds - hope it inspires -