Men and Women: The Bohemian Look Without Looking Like a Costume

stack bracelets or stack necklaces or stack rings

Post by Sharon

I love the Bohemian look, but I am not a fan of wearing a bunch of flowing matron-looking clothing, so I tend to keep the clothing rather neutral and contemporary, but not structured (you won't find me in a button down shirt except maybe once a year). But, I do find ways to inject Bohemian vibe because I am a casual person and it suits my coloring and my artistic side. Here's a few things you can do or add to your wardrobe and get the vibe without screaming "New Age Hippie." (tips for women and men) 


The Olsen Twins own the Boho look 

There are different types of boho looks. You can be a gypsy boho, a hippie/retro boho, a surfer/beach boho, an artist boho, a witch boho, a steampunk boho, Victorian Era boho, and so much more!

Braids - whether they are yours or braid headband
Tassels - these are keychain ones you can clip to purses and clothes.

Bohemian purse - rich patterns, pop of boho look


Johnny Depp rocks the boho look!

Baja Hoodies

Surfer Jewelry (check Etsy for "surfer jewelry") 



Don't overthink it too much. Boho means accessories. In fact, you can get your boho look with an attitude. Johnny Depp is rocker (tees, jeans, tons of leather bracelets, etc) or you can be surfer, gypsy, pirate, or be like Josh Gates and go Safari bohemian - 

Just remember - accessories and don't be shy. An arm stacked with bracelets, a ring on every finger, a scarf, a hat, an ankle bracelet, a toe ring....

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