Pipestem, West Virginia

Post by Julie - 


Pipestem Resort State Park is located in the southern part of West Virginia in the Bluestone River gorge.  It is over 4,000 acres of lush green forests with two hotels, wood cabins, golf course, restaurants, and other fun outdoor activities tucked inside.  The name “Pipestem” is a narrow leaf meadowsweet shrub known for making pipe stems.

Sharon and I stayed at the lodge for four nights and three days.  The room was nice with a gorgeous view of the forest where the wildlife would come out for us to take photos of them.  Other amenities were the gift shop, indoor pool, cafĂ©, and breathtaking views from the restaurant.  While enjoying breakfast one morning a couple of foxes decided to embrace us with their presence.  They came out to the clearing where all of us could take their pictures.

From the lodge we did some urban exploring, hiking and ate at Mountain Creek Dining for dinner one evening.  There is so much you can do in Pipestem. It was a trip I will never forget. I can’t wait to go back and do more exploring in the area.

Mountain Creek Dining

What goes down, must come up?

If you are dining at the Mountain Creek Dining Room or staying at the lodge in Pipestem, WV, you have to take a tram ride down to get there.  This tramway carries you about 3,600 feet through the Bluestone Gorge while you are treated to the most breathtaking scenery you will ever see.  The lodge has 30 rooms next to the river or you can enjoy gourmet dining in the restaurant.  Because of its unusual location, the lodge and restaurant are only opened from mid-May to the end of October.

This place was a must see for us while staying in Pipestem.  Sharon remembered the tram ride and restaurant when she was a little girl and wanted me to experience it as well.  We hopped into a tram bucket and took the ride down into the gorge.  I was taken in by the views and took many pictures on the way down.  We had some time before our dinner reservations so we took a walk down to the river.  When you look up, all you could see was green and a few caves tucked in the walls of the mountain surrounding us. It was breathtaking!