Simple Halloween Makeup

Post by Sharon

This is my time of year!I've always had a strong affinity for makeup, whether it was in theater or modeling. I enjoy showing how simple some tricks can be.

The mummy above was done with simple Halloween cream makeup found in most Spirit Halloween shops or online. I did my face in gray with a sponge. Then, added some blue under the eyes for circles. I used black eyeliner crayon to line eyes and then used it to create the edges of the bandages, filling the bandages in with white clown face makeup. Drape some cheesecloth over you and you are a mummy.

For the pirate wench, I took black eyeshadow and wet it with the brush and brushed it on. I went back with a tiny tipped brush in white and made tiny seam stitches along the edge to look more like sewn fabric.

I suggest when it comes to animal makeup, you really look at your coloring and go with it. I have a lion's mane, so I pretty much knew that was the critter I should become. It's a subtle makeup. That's the best kind because it hints at a critter without being cartoonish. 

The cracked baby doll was easy using a fine tipped brush, wet it, and dip into black eyeshadow. You can use a pencil, but I found rolling the brush as you put the lines on makes the thickness vary and it looks more realistic. 

Frankenstein monster's bride was inspired by the made-up makeup that would have been applied to make her attractive to the monster. The neck cut and sutures were done with a fine tipped brush, wet, and first a black thin line for the cut and then a deep wine/mauve for over top of it and for the cross stitches.

Ventriloquist doll - dotted cheeks, freckles, and those lines for the movable mouth. 

Ghosts are as white as you can get them, white or blue lips too, and don't forget a bit of blue around the eyes. 

The mermaid was subtle scaling around the eyes. Still pretty, but definitely a fish-lady.

Zombies are always "in" and you can do a zombie in a nightgown and robe, a zombie in surgical scrubs, a zombie in a McDonald's costume - you name it! Emphasize the grays/blues in the skin tones.

If you decide to take on an icon, be sure you are ready to do the wig, costume, and the whole she-bang. I don't know how Elvira does it, but this makeup took a wee bit of time and work to get it on strong enough. But once I put the Elvira wig on, my whole personality changed! 

Day of the Dead - elaborate makeup, but so stunning at a party. Just be ready to re-do the lips when you eat and drink.

Clown makeup is fun and it can be pretty. I found the green wig in a Goodwill store for $2. The makeup is a kit you can get on places like Amazon that is made for "face paint" for kids.

Abstract autumn colors and some garland -

It's the season of festivals, so be sure you get your face paint on! It's not just for kids. It's a time when everyone can wear it. Here's some great tips.