Blanket fort for movie watching

Post by Sharon

When summer is winding down and you didn't get away or you simply can't bear the thought of dragging your suitcase around an airport, waiting for the flight, taking the flight, renting a car, finding a hotel.... Consider staying home! Some places, like those of us in the desert enjoy lower rates on hotel rooms since no one wants to book a resort in August in Phoenix. Or just set up your house and commit to one week off work and the fun that can entail!

Open the blinds.

Clean the house so it's simple and relaxing.

I'd suggest you have plenty of nibbles on hand like hard cheese, grapes, whole grain crackers, ham, seeded mustard, walnuts, fresh watermelon, salad mixes, popsicles, Hershey's kisses in the fridge, and use paper utensils for the week - no cleaning! 

Put some burgundy wine in a pitcher with some cut up fruit and a bit of sugar and call it Sangria. For a more powerful one, add some coconut rum. 

Don't forget a candy on the pillow each evening.

Get microwave popcorn and a stack of good movies and books.

Scented candles to give a ginger and fruit or tropical sea scent.

Lay out some seashells on the counter.

Set up a tea tray for afternoon tea.

If you have a partner, set out some massage oil to give each other daily massages.

Play some great tunes in the background - this is my very favorite this summer (3 albums on YouTube) - 

Consider using apps like UberEats or GrubHub and the like to have your food delivered. This is your vacation! Once you add in delivery and tip, it can be about 8-30 bucks more than if you just went to the restaurant, but remember you aren't renting a car, taking a plane, or renting a hotel room!

Go out and see your city. This is a cool time to check out museums and art galleries, the butterfly sanctuary or zoo. Be a tourist in your own town. Find every tropical/beach bar that your creative restaurateurs have to offer.

Have lots of fresh fruit and cocktail ingredients available. I'd consider things like Curacao, a couple light wines, coconut rum, and Kahlua. 

You don't have a pool? Get yourself a splash pad that attaches to your hose - 

Consider hauling a kiddie pool to the yard or if you want to enjoy the investment, there are some great inflatable jacuzzis on Amazon. I have one that is just over 300 bucks and I use it like a pool in the summertime or heat it at night with bubblers for relaxing.

Another great idea is to set up the laptop in the bathroom on the counter with a movie or music playing and fill the tub - hot or tepid and add some wonderful bath salts and a loofah. Be sure to set some sesame oil out to rub into your skin when you get out. Consider a good foot lotion and some thin socks for a pedicure.

Consider picking up some magazines at the drugstore, things like beach cottages, surfer magazine, travel magazine, sailboat magazine....

Fresh flowers - another great way to feel pampered. 

Don't forget to photograph the happy moments in selfies and when you go out and about looking at your town like a visitor. Get close-up shots of flowers, the candy on the pillow, a candle burning... Remember this staycation as it might become your new favorite getaway!

I do "feet on vacation" shots that show my feet and my friends' feet standing in a place that shows the setting.