The Eerie Abandoned Motor Court

Post by Julie 

One of the things Sharon and I love to do is to urban explore. 

Most of our friends are aware of this and want to go with us.  While visiting friends in Front Royal, they took us to an eerie, out-of-the-way, abandoned motor court with the caretakers house right next door.

From the street all you can see is the rusty old sign letting you know what used to be there.  When you stop in front of the barricades and look down the dirt path, you see a building covered with foliage.

The inside was dirty, disheveled, and a complete mess.  The outside was cover with bushes, trees, vines, and had bones of critters littering the grounds.  Who knows if any person or thing was calling this forsaken place home.  This barely visible structure was fun for us to walk around, but with caution, and take tons of pictures.

I hope I captured the creepiness of the place in the video below:


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