Tortillas and Tin Foil: Camp Cooking!

post by Sharon Day

Let's have a look at some fun camping foods that very crafty folks have shared with the world. 

Meatloaf mix in an onion shell, wrap in foil and cook

And consider glow sticks and jar with water for a romantic camping table - 

I love to use tortillas. A big of them and you are ready to - 

Mix garlic salt, Italian seasoning and butter and refrigerator into a wee block to use on your camping trip.

Spread garlic butter on tortilla and some shredded cheese and you have crisps or garlic bread.
Use tortillas to wrap up breakfast eggs/bacon/sausage for handy eating
Cook hamburgers in rectangle shapes and roll up with cheese and condiments in tortilla as a bun
Lunch meats, cheese, lettuces and salad dressing makes a good roll-up sandwich
Cut them up and toast in a pan as crisps to go with meal or salad or even chili.
Put chili and cheese inside and roll up for killer burrito.
Put meal leftovers in them.
Put on some butter and cinnamon sugar, nuts, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanut butter.... roll upp and heat inside tin foil over heat.
Classic PBJ for hikers - good energy, easy packing.