Best YouTube Channels For Halloween Fun

Here's my top choices for immersing myself in Halloween fun on YouTube.

Hollywood Haunter is an utter blast. This darling young couple are charming and super talented. They also love Halloween big-time. They show how they invent props, sets, and special effects and they are not only do-able, but really good-spooky fun!

Pumpkinrot is hands down the finest Halloween artist and crafter of all time. His videos are hauntingly classic Halloween, dripping with vivid imagery. He's not a chop and dice kinda horror guy. Oh, no Pumpkinrot understands the season with spooky farms, terrifyingly unique scarecrows, dark cornfields, and pagan-esque fun. I have a playlist of just his videos so I can immerse myself in Halloween and I go to his store at his website to get my Halloween cards.

Classic Halloween is great for those who miss the 50s, 60s, 70s Halloween of our youth when Halloween was done with the proper amount of enthusiasm and spookiness.