How healthy Are Your Intestines?

Post by Sharon 

Ever wonder about your intestine's transit time and if you're healthy there? 

Eat beets.

Once you eat beets, watch your stool until you have a BM that is maroon. That will show you transit time. Consider it a tracer agent. 

Average for men is 33 hours, women 47 hours (horrible).

Standard American diet can mean a transit time of 60-100 hours. That's insane! 

12-24 hours is considered great (I'm 19 hours and proud!).

Ways to add fiber - 

Utilize whole grains (not whole wheat). Eat Muesli cereal for breakfast. Increase your veggies and fruits. Take a fiber supplement. Eat oatmeal or add oats to your smoothie. Don't avoid beans - they can be added to casseroles, roasted meats, in tortillas, chili....

We usually consider our intestinal system a sort of waste processing center, but it is actually incredibly vital to our overall health. 

I'm not a health professional, just a concerned body owner who researches.  

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