My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

Here's my personal obsessions on YouTube that inspire -

Sharon Day

Sanne Vloet
A top model shows her life minute by minute and it's really interesting and she is a super sweet and kind of nerdy Dutchie. Ther is nothing pretentious about her. She's very candid and she shows you the reality of where she goes, what she does, what she eats, living in the city, and meal planning, wardrobe, beauty regimen.

Jonna Jinton
An artist and photographer in Sweden. The most picturesque and nature-inspiring- artist-inspiring channel. Very addictive. She shows a relationship with nature and beauty that can take your breath away. She is a fairy of the Northern Climes.

This woman beats autoimmune issues, lives minimalist, eats very healthy and totally delicious. She shows you how she organizes, makes meals for a week, and she's just so gosh-darned neat and simple that you feel relaxed just watching.

Fairyland Cottage
This Irish woman is a minimalist, a healthy person who lives with a consciousness about the earth and her body - homemade cosmetics, collecting from nature, growing in a garden, living simply and happily in a cottage. Her atttude about thankfulness, consciousness, and the magic of handmade is the dream.

Living Off Grid With Jake and Nicole
I followed him as the Vegan Athlete but he took his longevity gardening concept and moved it from Tempe, AZ and his wife to a younger gal and moved into British Columbia in the middle of nowhere and put in a yurt. Jake can be a bit of a tool and he takes total advantage of showing his new girlfriend half naked as much as possible (for the Patreon crowd, no doubt). They are doing everything off grid themselves, but there is a wealth of reality on the day to day of trying to go from nothing to a self-sufficient life. Very addictive if you are interested in what a day-in-the-life of starting from the ground up is like in adverse conditions. 

I'm always seeking those who show an honest life and how to simplify, get back to what matters, have more free time to actually live and not "process bullshit" like our busy lives make us stress daily about.