Baby Boomers: Coming of Age Films

Post by Sharon

Depending on the generation, the styles and ethics change, but the themes never change - coming of age means defining oneself separate from the parents to become an individual. It is a time from adolescence and into young adulthood when we are fraught with anxiety, insecurity, and raging hormones. Sometimes, it feels good to remember that place, now that we are so far removed from its awkwardness. Here's some movies that will bring you nostalgia - both films done in our times and ones done in modern times taking place in our time. All of them are coming of age and a great watch as summer heads over the peak into the downhill mode and our thoughts turn to those first awkward days of school -

Ones Made in Our Times (50s/60s/70s)
Where the Boys Are
Summer of 42
The Parent Trap
Rebel Without a Cause
The Graduate
Beach Blanket Bingo
American Graffiti

Modern Ones That Reminisce About Our Times
Now and Then
Stand By Me
Almost Famous
Dirty Dancing
Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Some of these movies did a great job of motivating me as a kid. I loved "Gidget." I dreamed my whole childhood of moving to California and surfing. The Frankie and Annette beach films were so much fun. I wanted to find a group of beach goer friends and do a summer at a bungalow. "Grease" caused me to spend all my money one summer to see it as many times as I could and buy the album to sing along to out of key.

"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" was a great example of my high school years and "Now and Then" was definitely close to my childhood, eerily so.

Enjoy re-connecting with film that influenced you or represented you.