Bayou-Themed Halloween Party Ideas

Post by Sharon

Once I decided to have a Halloween party this year, the next step was the theme. Because I've been growing vines up the sides of the back patio and created a "doll island" in the yard, I figured a Bayou theme might be cool. Now, I'm in the developing phase. Of course, October being my busiest month ,I had to shelve the party, but the concept was cool, so I'm sharing it - 

Priorities for a party are defining the party's area (for me, the backyard), and then finding a theme that lends itself to no huge expenses.

Party goers arrive from the side gate into the backyard. The music list has been created to use fun party songs with a sense of the bayou, but first when they arrive there is the sound of frogs and crickets to lead them in.

The patio is encased in vines, will also be curtained with camo netting and Spanish moss. 

The Jacuzzi will have dry ice, green glow sticks, and a blow-up alligator in it.

A wheelbarrow will be filled with ice and beers and wine. Two large metal barrels will be filled with ice and waters and sodas.

A big glass spigot container will have swamp cocktail in it - a bright green color. Mason jars will be used for drinking

Pallets will be laid out from the patio to doll island for a "dock-like" feel with green glow sticks beneath them. A string of voodoo dolls will lead to doll island where dead limbs are used to hold up dolls and doll heads with solar lighting.

I even designed a bayou-themed Halloween party music list. 

I'd probably want to add some hoodoo lady to tell a dark tale around a campfire, but I leave that to your imaginations.