Beautiful Etsy Jewelry Shop

When someone very dear to me lost his daughter to murder, I wanted to give him something that would make it possible to take her spirit with him everywhere he goes. So, I started a search that ended up at one of the best jewelry sites I've found on Etsy, and is by Divine intervention, the shop owner is one of the kindest and most thoughtful human beings. 

His daughter loved horses and they shared that love. He is a rockhound and western. It sports a charm with the quote, "not all who wander are lost." It was an ideal memorial to hang from his rear view mirror so when he travels the west, his daughter is with him in spirit. 

It was delivered very promptly, super well packaged, with a small gift and handwritten card. I realized I found someone who is not only a talented craftsperson, but also a kind heart.

Aspara Jewelry Designs has a collection of gorgeous crafted nature-focused jewelry. 

As a ghost investigator, this is the stone I wear on investigations. Labradorite. It is said to balance and protect your aura and grounds spiritual energy. This would make an amazing Xmas gift for a loved one who investigates or has empathic abilities.

This necklace knocks it out of the park. The new hot metal is now gold - shifting out of the silver of the past several years. The multistrand is bohemian style which is super hot right now. But what gets me excited are the amethyst stones. Amethyst is tranquil, balances mood swings, opens up psychic abilities and wards off depression. This is the finest gift I can imagine.

Explore this amazing shop. I always promote the best artisans, shop owners, and those who practice kind and considerate customer service. This is one of my go-to jewelry shops online and the designs are especially ideal for balancing and keeping the wearer at their top form.