Chilling Short Film - Out Today

Horror shorts are one of my favorite passtimes to watch and this one sounds like a chillingly good one - out for release today!

Voices from the other side haunt film director

Paranormal activity on a baby monitor inspires a new short film

Your children are in the next room, tucked in bed, and only a call away through a baby monitor – they’re probably safe, right? Not when paranormal forces are concerned. Film director and visual effects supervisor, Freddy Chávez Olmos, heard unfamiliar voices one bizarre night when struggling with lack of sleep.

“Sleep deprivation is an inevitable part of having a baby. Two weeks after my first daughter was born, my wife and I noticed that we were behaving unusually around the house due to lack of sleep, such as putting a box of cereal in the fridge and storing an opened milk gallon in a cabinet,” said Freddy.

Already in an estranged state of mind, Freddy began having reoccurring nightmares about his daughter’s safety, leaving him unsettled and worried as to what might be happening. The terrors culminated eventfully one night, channelled through the speaker of his bedside baby monitor…

“There was one night in particular when I remember feeling a bit unsettled. A shrieking sound on the baby monitor we had next to our bed suddenly woke me up. I didn't want to bother my wife as I knew she had struggled to go to bed the night before, so I decided I needed to check on our daughter myself. What could that sound have been?” Freddy explains.

Prepared for the worst, Freddy entered the room to find his daughter unperturbed and sleeping peacefully in her crib, the ghostly assailant seemingly absent.

“A bit confused, yet relieved, I decided to go back to my bed, ignoring what I’d just heard. But as my eyes were shutting, a very disturbing sound came from the baby’s monitor again! Not wanting to panic right away, I decided to go back to her room, only to find her still fast asleep. Unsure of what to believe, I decided to take her back to bed with me, placing her on top of my chest and wrapping my arms around her securely. I fell back to sleep.”

But the worst was yet to come, with the unearthly apparition waiting to haunt Freddy once more with an ominous appearance that has stayed with Freddy to this day.

“Moments later, an eerie cry emerging from the monitor woke me up again. Now freaking out, I looked down to check on my daughter, only to realise that the baby in my arms wasn't her! That perturbing image woke me up from my dream and stayed in my head for weeks ahead. It was then when I contemplated the idea of turning a personal experience into a film.”

The ghostly encounter faces expected scrutiny – was it all a dream? Or did Freddy Chavez tune into a signal from the other side? Freddy will never know for sure, but through his upcoming film, Duérmete Niño, the director aims to provide a glimpse into the haunting experience.

The film depicts the story of Alma, played by Piercey Dalton, a mother continually awakened by the disturbing sound of her crying babies. Using a radio monitor to check on them from her bedroom, Alma encounters a series of excruciating events that build to a climactic finale.

“Four years since the event happened, it’s great to finally get the story reimagined in film,” said Freddy.

This isn’t Freddy’s first release in the horror genre, releasing 2012’s SHHH, a fantasy/horror short tale about a young boy, Guillermo, who uses his imagination to overcome his bully: a hair-eating monster. The story was inspired by director, Guillermo del Toro’s childhood lucid dreams.

All things considered, it might be worth keeping an eye and on your baby monitor this Halloween.

You can watch Duérmete Niño on the 25th of October at THIS LINK ON VIMEO.