Fall and Winter Fashions

Post by Sharon and Julie

Fall 2019 has hit the malls big time and there are some real take-aways about what the fashion trends are. In general, it's a pretty good season for any figure or coloring. 

We trekked to the mall to see the trends and found ourselves rather comfortable with the choices. It felt like autumn in the 1970s.

Colors were very inspired by foods such as spices and nuts. We saw pistachio, walnut, eggplant, grape, peach-pink, chili powder, curry, and nutmeg. 

Styles were a throwback from about 1976. We saw body suits - remember those tops with snaps in the crotch?  Super fake furry jackets, leggings, and ponchos.

Plaid was the #1 print to be found.

The most popular fabric details were fake fur, fringe and corduroy. Yes, the noisy fabric is back big time!

Maybe it was just us, but it felt like we were shopping in Lerner's, Casual Corner and Foxmoor's again! 

(rockin' the spices and textures)

(Rockin' the plaid) 

Hair color trends?
Gray is still very hot!
Pastel semipermanent tones on gray
Gold and red tones to any hair color

Considering the warm tones to the fall clothing this year, gold/ginger/red tones would be a dream. 

Our favorite hair colors? 

Permanent color? Here's our #1 choice.
We like that it is ammonia free and the color is an ideal soft warm color that works on all women. As we age, if we color over gray, it's ideal to bring the color back toward childhood lightness as darker colors look stark and sickly against mature skin tones.

Semi permanent? Here's our #1 choice to enhance your present color, whether it is gray/silver or blonds/browns.

There are some great tutorials online about how to use these tints. They give you a maybe 4-6 shampoo-lasting semipermanent "stain" that wears off. Sharon uses this one. After some playing with it, she combined 1/2 c. regular hair conditioner with about 2 tsp of tint. She dampens her hair, spreads it throughout well with a comb and depending on how much brightness she wants, leaves it in 1/2 hour to 1 hour and rinses. It's subtle unless your hair is silver or blond. then, as you can see in the photo above, it's pastel-toned. For most medium to dark hair colors, it gives a wonderful warmth. 

Accessories for Fall 2019? 

boots - especially ankle boots
long dangle earrings
gold instead of silver
super fluffy fuzzy fake fur coats

Here's what Sharon got for fall - 

(I got this oversized to be more "Flashdance" feeling and got it in several colors. Can wear a tank top under to show contrasting straps)

(fantastic with pants and jeans and the lacy/hole pattern is shown on a lot of boots this fall.)

(This one gives the gold and pearl as well as Bohemian jewelry feel that is big this fall.)

(This one is timeless. It will always be in to wear this in the cooler months.) 

All in all, we're pleased with the fall offerings this year. It was actually nostalgic to hit stores like New York & Company, Free People, Forever 21, Q, and American Eagle. We felt as if we had skipped back into our youth when autumn had rich food-inspired colors, tons of textures, a hint of bohemian/hippie, and it almost smelled like autumn in the stores!