Healthy Girl's Natural Medicine Cabinet

Post by Sharon

What does a natural-freak keep in her medicine cabinet? I'm sharing my top faves. (*Note: I am not a health care professional, just a person who loves natural alternatives, tests them, and researches extensively*)

Oil of Oregano - natural antibiotic - also great for GI health and yeast infections.

Tea Tree Oil - Natural hand sanitizer, insect repellent (I put it in a bottle with grain alcohol or witch hazel to spray on), natural deodorant - it's antibacterial so it kills the very thing that causes the odor, for cuts and scrapes, encourages wound healing.(to have healthy and least scar when healing, the physicians I worked with encouraged tea tree oil and taking oral vitamin C for best healing), for acne and nail fungus, healthy mouthwash - 1 drop per 1 cup water. I also use tea tree oil when making homemade cleaners and add to water to wipe down wood cabinets. Best all-around cleaner- Vinegar, Water, tea Tree oil in a spray bottle.

Witch Hazel - skin soothing anti-inflammatory, reduces skin irritation ,great natural astringent for face, great hemorrhoid treatment, alleviates scalp sensitivity. For sore throat, 1 tsp to 1 cup water boil 10 mins and then cool. Use as gargle to gargle and spit.AMAZING on sunburns, cleaning cuts - great antibacterial effect,

Boric Acid Capsules - cheap and better yeast infection treatment (suppository)- kills all types of yeast. No more messy expensive yeast treatments that only kill one type of yeast and then you have to buy another brand hoping that one works. 

Probiotics tabs - Your gut flora is critical for your immune system and even your moods. Believe it or not, the GI tract is the seat of hormones relating to emotions and also your immune headquarters.

Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 T three times a day has huge effect on body pH, making things run better, and also works on metabolism for weight loss.

Coconut Oil.
Natural toothpaste with baking soda and peppermint oil, hair conditioner, skin lotion, helps metabolism, healthy fat, great frying oil for high temps, helps skin irritation, natural sunscreen, natural deodorant, makeup remover. 

Eucalyptus oil - to put in boiling water in sink with plug in and tent towel over head and inhale steam for colds. Very effective for cleaning in place of things like lysol - mix with grain alcohol, vodka, witch hazel or water and spray surfaces, wipe. It's great antimicrobial against viruses and such.Fantastic mouthwash for oral health - 1 tsp to 1 c water to swish and spit. Add to water in spray bottle as natural insect repellent. Utilized diluted for massage for pain relief. Good on wounds. Great on cold sores.

Ginger capsules - best motion sickness and anti-nausea medicine EVER! Also amazing anti-inflammatory.