Metaphysical Healing

Post by Sharon

Life has a way of humbling us. As teens, we thought we knew everything and let authorities know that all the time. Then, as we raised kids, we realized we were really overwhelmed by adaptation and understanding a forming human being. Later, we began to roll with our life experiences and our challenges and it humbled us. We began to realize that as much as we try to grasp life, there are whole aspects of it yet to crack open. So, when I talk to my baby boomer friends about our lives evolving and changing, one aspect really opens up - holistic solutions to health and spiritual stimulation for our souls. 
College towns often have lots of metaphysical bookstores and even some cities you never expected it. Glendale, Arizona surprised Julie and I when we went to get an aura photo done at The Astrology Store and then found wonderful complementing businesses nearby including a super healing tea cafe called Namaste Cafe

What do such places offer? 

Crystal, amulets, books on healing, henna tattoos, psychic readings, healings, aura photos, incense, bohemian clothing and jewelry, and so much more!

Here's a list of 10 of the best ones in the country. LINK

I love getting my aura photo done. It is one of those things that helps me see where I am right now. A good metaphysical shop gives you a thorough read on the colors and their meanings.

We grew up in the era of New Age and hippie dippie musings, but the world of healing and spiritual focus are very compatible with where we are at our ages. We realize that during our lifetime, we were so busy doing and providing and being there for everyone and everything, that we neglected the body and the spirit.

They have a way of reminding us of these things as we challenge disease, illness, injury and the realization we have lived the majority of our mortal life so far.

Answers can be found in so many places, from reconnecting with nature, growing a garden, painting, singing, music, church, challenging our fears, simplifying our lives, taking time to exercise and meditate. 

You may not find your answers in a metaphysical bookstore, but I suspect once you hear the bells tinkle over the door and smell the light incense scent and soothing music, you will realize how much you need to create such an environment at home. 

To test the waters at home and incorporate some of the items of "zen," here's some ideas - 

It's not only a soothing light that relaxes, but the heated salt creates negative ions that give a feeling of well being. Use caution if you have pets as they may want to lick it and it can lead to their death if they lick it incessantly, so put it up high.

Incense Burner

Jasper Healing Sphere

Metaphysical Book

water wave light projector for soothing atmosphere

Frequency sound healing 

Enjoy and Namaste!