Publish That Book - Finally!

our first book (self-published)

Post by Sharon and Julie 

There's at least one book inside of everyone. You might have an expertise you want to share, a journey you want to share, or an intriguing plot concept. You've put everything first before this "bucket list" item. Now is your time. Publishing a book is easier than it ever was before.

Self-publishing or using a publisher?

Our first book, we published ourselves on Createspace and Amazon/Kindle as well as Barnes and Noble Nook. We had to depend on each other for the best editing skills we could get. We also had to design our own cover.

There are people you can hire to edit and design covers, but they will cost you. The truth is, the way online bookstores are designed and the algorithms they use make it exceedingly hard to sell copies other than to perhaps friends and family. 

Getting your book noticed and expecting a "50 Shades of Gray" or "Twilight" success is a daydream. Bring your feet to the ground and say, "is it worth the work if I only sell a dozen copies?" 

But, if you want something your family can have to show you accomplished this goal, then self publishing is ideal. It costs zero. Your return in royalties is okay - ebooks giving you more return (Amazon Kindle at 70%), but also costing less to sell than a paperback. 

If you go the route of publishing company, you need to be aware that legitimate publishers should not ask for money for anything. We have heard horror stories of folks spending $500 to $3000 to get their book published. This should NEVER happen! Publishers give you a royalty and they absorb the costs. The royalty could be as low as 8% and as high as 12%. 

Publishing companies give you access to book signings and events, promote you widely, edit, and even design your cover. A good publishing company is a wonder to work with. 

We have put the link below to the one Sharon works with, Mystic Publisher.  We also offer the link below for Amazon Kindle/Createspace (paperback version). 

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