Spooky and Fun Activities to Bring on Halloween Attitude

Halloween is the time that, as kids, we tested how brave we were against monsters in the dark. Instead of challenging them nightly in the bedroom, we gathered our posse and owned the night. Henceforth, a realization grew in our young minds - the monsters are only in our heads. Here we are adults who adored the season as kids, so how do we celebrate the challenge today? 

Become a Ghost 

We did this challenge in a cemetery near twilight so the light was low enough that the shudder would stay open on the cell phone camera. We took the pic as we were moving fast back and forth. It creates a blurred and transparent image. Having a headstone in the background seems to make the ghost image a real deal.

Tell a scary story with bonfire

There is something about sitting in front of a fire in a circle, backs to the darkness, blind to anything past the fire's light, that creates shivers and makes an ideal location for a spooky story.  There are plenty of urban legends and stories of escaped lunatics and cryptic transforming werewolves to tell about. If you do not have a campfire capability, do this by candlelight inside with friends with your home darkened. Don't forget marshmallows.

Photographing Sunset Cemetery

Before sunset, take advantage of long shadows, disarray, golden tones, and leafless trees. Most cemeteries lock up at sunset, so if you park there, be sure to park at the gate so they know you are there (learned from experience - had pull a "The Omen" move and climb wrought iron spired fencing). 

Alone in the Dark 

Sure you go to bed in the dark, but do you ever visit the darkness when you're intending to stay awake? Completely darken your home. Sit alone. No music. No cell phone. No TV. Just you and utter darkness. Listen and feel. We block out sounds and shadows in the daytime and night by being noisy, staying busy and having lights on. Would you explore your home in the dark?  If you want to take this further, I suggest you stand alone in your closet with the door closed. That isolation brings back many childhood fears. When you're done, light some candles, use no electronics. Simply have an old-fashioned evening by candlelight like people did long ago. Make some hot cocoa. Sift through a book or magazine by candlelight. 

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