Staycation: Making Your Home into a Resort Getaway

Post by Sharon

If you consider a vacation might be a week long and in that week you have to trek around, wait for flights, get a rental car, lug your suitcases, and do it all over at the end of the week, no resort can counter that stress. Instead, focus on the things resorts offer that could be in your home to help you recover every day of the year. If your home is your oasis, the place you recover after a long day to be able to face the next day, there might be some features that are well worth the investment. I'm going to share my top faves for making your home your castle AND resort. - 

If you have a patio, you need a jacuzzi. I bought this one (LINK) and it was super fast setup and so easy to use. There is nothing like a break out in the jacuzzi, some good music, and a fluffy towel for when you get out. I have found that I now associate the jacuzzi with peace. I listen to birds and the wind in my windchimes, and find a real getaway retreat. It is also a great romantic hideout. 

A truly quality night's sleep is the main aspect of a resort stay that is more valuable than anything. My favorite bed in all the world is Tuft and Needle (LINK). I am like the princess and the pea. I try every bed, every way I can, adding toppers, whatever I must do, but there is only one bed that I lie down on and I'm out, don't wake up twisted, uncomfortable, don't need to toss and turn. This one is substantial in weight so it has a heaviness that helps you sink, but not so much sink it's like being on a pillow. It keeps my spine straight and yet doesn't hurt my hip bones. I will NEVER sleep on any other bed. 

Make your sleep situation as inviting as possible. Linen sheets (LINK) are an utter dream and luxury, but if you believe your time at home should revive you, this is the cocoon you want to enter. 

You can try and pump water through a Keurig coffee pod and call that coffee, or you can admit that you want the REAL stuff. Considering how much a part of our lives coffee can be, having a great coffee maker (LINK) is worth the investment to be able to savor just the right custom mix. 

Once again, to revive yourself at home 365 days a year instead of one week a year at a spa, consider a soaker tub (LINK). I put Epsom salts in glass jars on the counter and add essential oil mixes for scent. I can do the scented bath salt that perks me up, the one that helps aches, the one that relaxes, the one that smells of coconut and tropical fruit for a vacay vibe.... 

It's time to be outdoors and to take a happy nap without the sun in your eyes. This double chaise lounge (LINK) does the job!

A home spa (LINK) is a great way to refresh and renew. If you have exercise equipment at home, a spa goes hand-in-hand. Imagine being able to spend some time in this at the end of a day? Talk about a natural reset button!

A good spa should include dermabrasion skin treatment (LINK). This has the most amazing results of flawless plump skin. Whenever I get this done, I end up having zero circles under my eyes, my skin is perfectly smooth - no flakes or issues, and when I put on makeup, I look like a movie star ready for a magazine cover shoot. 

If you're staying a resort, chances are gourmet foods abound. You don't need to be a chef. You just need to be well stocked like this basket. (LINK)

No matter how you decide to pamper yourself at home, I suggest you start with one focus - do you usually revive with coffee? A good sleep? Perhaps massage/soak? Skin care? Gourmet foods? Take it to the next level.