Your Mind is Capable of so Much More!

Post by Sharon

You don't think you need to grow your mind after school is over and work training is completed?

Here's what the mind's situation is like - 

The mind as a car.

You were given a machine that can transport you from here to there, carry goods, take others along, offer shelter, take you to work or vacation. But instead you use it as a shelter. You know that every day you get into it, it's warm and dry in there. There's sunlight. Seems like a good place to plant yourself.

But, if you realized that vehicle is possible of so much more with the turn of a key and some training in maneuvering - your world expands by incredible amounts. And you travel!

Your mind is created for so much more than mindless routine. Start to explore it. Manifestation, transcendental meditation, healing, psychic skills, and so much more.... Then, you begin to finally drive with the amazing and intricate tools you were given.

NOW you're living! Not just existing at the bare minimum.

This video gives a fine example!