Adventuring: Inspiration For Living

Post by Sharon 

Nine years ago, I went on a HUGE adventure - I left a bad marriage and found myself seeking new experiences, new places, new challenges. Adventurers throughout man's history have shown us that through great challenge and risk, something new was found. But, you don't have to pack your parka and freeze-dried meals to find adventure: It is as close as your car. 

LEVEL I:  Adventure that doesn't ask much of time or stress. Some simple ways to put adventure in your life. These are ideal when you are generally happy with your life but might be feeling a bit routine, on automatic, and focused on the same subjects all the time. 

These adventures feed your creative side and give you a taste of novelty.

Eat supper outside
Drive home a different path
Take a road you've never gone down
Find a local seasonal event and attend
Try a food you never had before
Blow bubbles, play jacks, or other childhood activity
Take sheets or blankets and make a blanket fort to watch a movie
Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed

Level II - These adventures involve a bit more of your time - day or weekend off. These adventures feed reboot your spirit and give you new energy and enthusiasm about life. 

This level is good for when you are exhausted, haven't had time off in a while, forgot what you want and who you are. 

These adventures make you remember who you are and value your need for novelty and experiences. 

Call in hookie, take a Ferris Bueller-style day off - restaurant, movie, mall, museums, art galleries, backyard with a good book.
Get in the car and drive without referring to the map until you are ready to come home - let gut guide you.
Drive to another town without a hotel reservation and stay the night, check out the local life.
Plot a day of breakfast, lunch and dinner in various parts of town at places you've heard about but never tried.
Get on a sled and head down a hill.
Put on music and sing and dance all alone.
Surprise a friend and blindfold him/her and take them in the car to some unusual crazy place - look at Atlas Obscura and Weird US to find some great local nutty places.

Level III: These adventures involve time, cost, and great bravery as they are taking you to the edges of the world you known into the world you dreamed about.

This level is ideal when you are shifting in your life from one role to another or you want to test the waters to seek a flip flop in your life on a new path but want to try it on first.

These adventures challenge your limits and become something you are forever proud to have in your life experiences.

Find a zipline in your state and ride it.
Take a cruise.
Go on an eco-vacation and spend some time with nature.
Get on a train and ride across country. 
Head to an Escape Room - a lot of cities have this fun action game.
Publish a book.
Leave a bad situation.
Chase a dream you've always had.
Finally finish writing that book.