Getting To Know Your Locals

Post by Sharon 

When I went through my divorce in 2010 and moved out, one of the first things I considered (having worked from home since 1995) was to find friends or activities in my area.

The first place I went to was  where I was able to put in my zip code, how far away I was willing to travel for a group, and then what things I was interested in such as sports, hiking, social, photography, authors, camping, etc. 

The site allows you to find all the almost all free local groups that meet to do things they enjoy. I entered groups for paranormal subjects, social singles, writing, and film. In fact, when I joined the film group, I was soon acting in a film short and becoming a co-chair of the group that is now working on a streaming TV series. 

When I stumbled upon I was pleasantly surprised and found a huge relief. This hooks you up with the people in your neighborhood area. There are people pushing their businesses, but the big part of it is the help you get. They request services or advice on repairs, warn you about a shooting in your area, inquire about who is the best dentist, offer loads of items for free if you will pick them up like old furniture, landscaping materials, extra fruit from the apple tree, etc, and you can sell items on there too. Suddenly, the faceless/nameless neighbors become real. 

How about gardening? There's social networking for that at 

In this day and age, if you want to join a group or find something in your neighborhood, it's easier than ever. If you want to sell items, consider Facebook's Marketplace where it's simple to find people in your area looking for items like campers, furniture, cars, and more. Another great source is Facebook where you can do a search for your town and find groups that chat on there and meet in real life. 

Happy Neighborhood Networking!