Oosterdam: An Alaskan Cruise

Post by Julie

Now that my husband is retired, we have decided to start taking more cruises. We took a Hawaiian cruise in 2006 on our 25th wedding anniversary. We brought our daughter and son with us along with a friend of each kids. It was a blast. Now that they are adults, married with kids, we feel this time is for us. This Alaskan cruise is the first of many to come. Our next one is already booked. Mexico, here we come.
It was a 3-hour flight from Phoenix AZ to Seattle WA. This was mine and my husband's first time in Alaska. After landing in Seattle, we had to find the bus terminal to get aboard for the 45 minute ride to the ship. 

This was the first time either of us have been to Seattle. It was rainy and a bit chilly. We were loving it because we just left 110 degree weather and it was dry. Finally the dock where the Holland America Line's Oosterdam (website link) was waiting for us and a couple thousand others. We had to show our passports when checking in because the last port was Victoria, British Columbia. 

We got a key card to open our room and to buy anything on the ship. The card was your credit card too so you didn't want to lose it. You had to show it anytime getting off and back on the ship.

Our room was small but had a balcony for relaxing and seeing the sights. If you ever get the chance to take a cruise to anywhere, I suggest to get a room with a balcony. The view on this trip was breathtaking, and just gorgeous. You will want to have your camera ready because you don't know what you might see.