Senior Discounts For Baby Boomers

Hey, we're over 55, we should get some benefits for having survived this long, paid taxes this long, and manage to be a majority of our population.

Senior discounts abound and here's just some to take advantage of - 
AARP and AAA are often on the list of traveling discounts. If you're booking a hotel room, be sure to check into the senior discount or AAA discount.

Restaurants (click THIS LINK  for more) 
Arby's is 10% off for over 55
Applebee's is 10-15% (depending on where you live) for over 60
Burger King - 10% for over 60
Chili's offers 10% off for 55 and over
Denny's 15% off for AARP members
IHOP offers discount to 55 and over

Grocery Stores (Click THIS LINK for more) 
Fred Meyer (55+ gets 10% off first Tuesday of the month)
Piggly-Wiggly 5% every Wednesday for over 60

Retail Stores (Click THIS LINK for more) 
Goodwill 10-20% off on special noted days for over 55
Kohl's 15% off on Wednesday for over 60
Michael's 10% off every day with AARP card 55 and over
Ross 10% off every Tuesday for 55 and over

Prescriptions (Click THIS LINK for more) 

Airline Tickets and Car Rental (Click THIS LINK for more)

Hotels (Click THIS LINK for more)
You can get 10% off a lot of motels/hotels with advanced booking. Usually online booking you can choose Senior Discount if you are 60 or over.
Comfort Inn Age 60 and up, 10% off advanced booking 
Best Western 10% off for 55 and over

Most cruise lines offer senior discounts, so inquire!

Do take advantage of senior discounts and inquire about them, any recreational places like national parks, tour buses, movie theaters also offer discounts. 

Remember, you've earned it!