TRAINS - The New Hip Travel and Event Venue!

Arriving at the airport at least 2 hours early to find a parking situation, take a tram to the airport terminal, stand in long lines to check in and then get security checks, sitting at the gate forever with a lot of tired cranky people and screaming babies, being crammed into a tight space for hours, and then finding your luggage, renting a car, finding the hotel in a strange city.... 

Many are learning that flying is not the convenience we once thought. I recently was looking at a flight to LA and realized in under 6 hours I could drive there versus the airport and it sounded so much more peaceful and less likely to get me acquiring a head cold from a stranger.

No wonder the new hip is to take a train and train stations are offering awesome fun themed packages too 

There are tons of trains treks around the US for seeing autumn colors, the Grand Canyon, Polar Express, wine country treks, and more. 

But there are also train treks just for beauty - to not have to drive and be able to sit in a comfy seat and see the scenery go by versus 30,000 feet in the air or 70 miles per hour in the driver's seat. Someone feeds you, offers you drinks, and you get to experience the country like our ancestors proudly did.

Let's look at some of the best sights in the US by train - 

Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia

Offers coastal rides, trek to Christmas Town, and an ale-tasting  trek

This nighttime ride takes you to the Grand Canyon in Christmas style! 

This offers various train scenarios including one that  has multi-course gourmet meal served

A train trek is a romantic and surprisingly fun experience so the ideal gift, surprise, and variation on travel. Consider it the cruise line  on land.

America is way behind on luxury sleepers, but Europe, Trans-Siberian and even Canada get that there are those who do not wish to fly, but want to have cruise-like luxury during land travel. 

Don't forget to check our train museums - they are really cool and give you a sense of vintage travel and luxury, movement of goods that built our nation, and the amazing mechanics and art deco decor. 

In the Eastern US, folks know trains as transport for work and short commutes, but long-distance travel is a fun new trek. Check out Amtrak and see what's available. You might be surprised by the trips that sing to you.