When You Change Your Energy, You Change Your Life

Post by Sharon

People ask me often how I seem so young for 57. It's very simple. I have not aged in my heart or my spirit. My energy is 35. I remain there in a way that won't let time, attrition, or hardship express itself. There is much more to it. Said simply - when you change your energy, you change your life.

Many of us are mired in the past. Our reference for the future is to see how things occurred previously. This is also how we learn - once we burn our fingers, we remember fire equals pain.

It seems to be a natural human quality to evaluate the day by what could go wrong. You prepare for work considering if traffic will be bad, what if your boss finally wants to talk about your evaluation? Certainly that won't be wonderful.

And on the day goes with reference toward everything that has or could go wrong.

When I was a little girl - 

I had this overwhelming feeling about my future (out there in the distant decades) would be rewards beyond belief; financially, emotionally, with recognition and acknowledgement of having done a great job. Every day was attacked with vigor and courage to master new subjects, sports, talents....

If asked about my energy then, it was vital and limitless. Whatever I imagined, I created because I couldn't wait around for it to happen. I made it happen NOW!

And, regardless of cancer, great losses of family members and friends, a bad relationship, a divorce, and so much more, I have always kept that energy. I know I have a fate. I am not sure how it all comes together but the excitement about it makes me full of industry to get there.

I work at - 
oil painting
oil and gas industry equipment brokerage
investing and aiding in companies with disruptive technologies
stock trading
self-help and mentoring/musing
research the unexplained
running two popular blogs
urban exploration
organic gardening and healthy living
psychic skills
crafts/home decorating
exploring and traveling
writing and publishing books
screenwriting for my film group/feature films/streaming tv
makeup and special effects
promoting independent artists
sharing knowledge on podcasts and radio shows

and so much more!!!

I'm 57 years old. I should be winding down, right? Holy hell, NOT! I'm getting closer to my destiny.

With the excitement of a destiny that is a great one, a person can't help but be excited, want it to happen NOW. So, you take on everything you can hoping it somehow gets you to that point in time. And along the way you gather skills, associations, confidence, and more which ASSURES your destiny. 

When I go through tough times, like say a bad dental procedure or flying on a plane (hate that), I put myself ahead in time. I tick through my to-do list of what I will do once I'm out of there and on with my voyage. This not only distracts me but also helps me to realize I AM getting out of this as the clock ticks. 

If you focus on a destiny that WILL happen to you, everything you do now, every thought and feeling creates an energy and there is no greater energy than belief. 

Here's a video you might want to put on a playlist. Everything Joe Dispenza does amazes me. I have seen a lot of self-help gurus say to just tighten your belly and buck it up and plow down over life, but Joe gets the chemistry and the quantum of the whole human experience from the brain outward, as he is an expert on the brain. And, it doesn't matter what message you have if you don't know how to voice it and Joe makes it so obviously clear. 

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