Grandma's First Gingerbread House

Post by Julie

I am 61 and a grandma of three. I have made all the holiday treats and items you can think of except one, the elusive gingerbread house. This year, Sharon and I decided to give it a try since neither of us has decorated one before.

We dropped by the grocery store and found gingerbread house kits. We choose the ones that were already put together. All we had to do was to decorate them. That was easier said than done. First of all, the picture on the box is a hoax and probably done by a professional. The reality of what you create is much different.

Before getting started, be had to massage the icing and then give it a warm bath. Are we supposed to use the icing or give it a spa day? Anyway, after that is done, the icing should come out nicely for you. It was still thick and I had trouble getting it to do what I wanted. Basically, I had icing all over the place and on my fingers. It finally cooperated and I was able to decorate. Sharon made us colored icing for more of a boho/hippie look. Mine is your typical candied gingerbread house, but Sharon decided hers would be an off the grid gingerbread house complete with an outside toilet. All and all, it was a fun time.

This is what is in the kit.

Jet-puffed marshmallow creme looks like snow and holds the house to the plate.

Massaging the icing.

The finished side of the house with powdered sugar sprinkled on to look like snow.

the back

the front

Our finished gingerbread houses. Not bad for our first try.


  1. You made an awesome gingerbread house. It's a good thing that I wasn't there or I would have eaten most of the decorations. *wink*


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