Nephilim Stones: Exciting Gem and Mineral Business!

Post by Sharon

Nephilim Stones

Dennis Guern and I have launched our page on Facebook for our Nephilim Stones business. Here is an explanation of what our work is about - 

We are seekers of ancient mysteries, ancient cultures, things of an unexplained nature, and above all rockhounds!

Time in the field gives us the chance to share nature, interesting places, ancient mysteries, and rock finds with the public. You can find our research on - a top paranormal blog in the world and our videos will be released on channel.

Expect us to begin sharing expeditions and research relics and artifacts, Bigfoot footprint casts, and amazing rock finds on the YouTube channel, as well as offering rocks for sale, beautiful jewelry wraps, and Sharon's oil paintings of rock.

We both have a reverence for the energy that stones can put off and Sharon's expertise as a psychometrist (psychic who reads objects) can offer detailed insights into the energy of each specific cut of stone you might be interested in purchasing and how it can be utilized for optimal benefit.

It's all about the fun and discovery, so expect our humor and adventuring nature to come across. When you hang with us, you're hanging with a team of childlike enthusiasts for our amazing world!

After all, the ancients and their megalithic structures proved an understanding of the qualities of stone. Possessing a rock isn't just about a piece of Earth, but a piece of ancient energy that can be utilized for its beauty and its orienting qualities.