Road Trip Essentials

Post by Sharon and Julie

Hitting the road is so easy and so convenient. No driving and parking at airports, waiting in lines, getting security checked, sitting at a terminal, flying in a tight space with strangers and a pilot whose name you don't even know who will escort you 35,000 feet above the earth for several hours, no renting cars, baggage checkout, and all the other air travel headaches. So, as you consider hitting the open road, here are some things we suggest, as we are quite expert at road treks! And, if you are still holiday shopping - these are all super choices for anyone. 

This cooler is a favorite of ours! It's super convenient. If you have ever taken a road trek and the cooler is an awkward carry into a hotel room or into a park to find a picnic table, this is just right. We like to add cool packs and use bento boxes to divide little ready-to-go meals like Fritos, sandwich triangles, fruit, cookies, dip....

If it's just you - consider an insulated lunch bag -