Trying Cross Country Skiing

If you live in a snow-prone area you have two choices - you fight the inevitable and hate the white stuff or you see it as an opportunity. If walking on a sandy beach can work your muscles more than on asphalt, imagine what cross country skiing could do for leg muscles compared to simply walking that landscape?

Taking into consideration your health limitations and having the permission of your health care professional, you might be ready to consider taking on this activity. Getting your body used to aerobic exercise and also flexible enough to not get injured are your next priorities. 

Cross country skiing is considered an excellent aerobic exercises because it doesn't stress any particular area of the body, but keeps everything moving. It works all the legs and hips and front and back of arms. 

Luckily, a package of items for cross country skiing makes the equipment side much easier.

If you don't live where it snows, consider a machine.

And don't forget when you're done - a hot soak with some salts that are also hydrating for dry skin