Winter Decor: Nordic Home Accents

Post by Sharon (Thorvaldsen)  

Touches of the Northern latitude in the wintertime is an ideal marriage of style and utility.  My favorite is everything from the icy climes and with about 80% Scandinavian DNA, I can't help but look at my father's homeland for inspiration that touches my spirit and makes me dream of frost in this godawful desert I live in. 

When I consider touches of Scandinavia, the things that come to mind are textures like burlap, straw, rope, wool, but also elements like fur, antler, birch, and tin. 

Here's some inspirational looks - 

Like the bloodless look of a snow-covered environment, the colors are neutral in straw and burlap tones, silver, white, black, and gray. Accents can be bright blue or bright red.

Think in terms of texture and frostiness. One of my favorite examples is the lovable movie "Elf" and the Papa Elf's home of white-washed wonder and simplicity. 

Textures like rough knits, wool, fur, burlap, rope, bark texture, snowflake lace, and icy tin are all great elements.

Simplicity of design - even the patterns in the fabrics are pleasingly simple and folk-art looking.

When you live in a place of darkness and snow, light is the chief driving force. The use of nature elements like evergreens, birch bark, antlers and fur are natural sources to bring life into the indoors.

I am a huge fan of Scandinavian design as a Virgo and a Norse/Swede, but also as an artist. It is a soothing design to keep your mind from being distracted, cluttered, and tense. It is very relaxing and simple enough to keep you from being claustrophobic all winter. 

Fantastic book to help your design