Winter Getaway: Cruises With Casinos and Amusement Parks!

A winter time cruise getaway always sounds like heaven, but if you want more to do than watch movies or lie out by the pool, you might be excited to know there is some action on cruise lines in the form of casinos! 

Lines such as Carnival have casinos on board with all the benefits one expects in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but with a gorgeous view and the amusement park rides you expect in the casino cities.

For example, at Carnival, they have tiki bars, a rollercoaster, sky ride, karaoke, IMAX theater, spa activities, and gambling with slots, player's club, blackjack, free drinks, game tables, and all the gambling trimmings you expect in a casino on land.

You can win incredible prizes on Royal Caribbean cruises too. With slots, table games, craps, baccarat and Blackjack, you wouldn't get bored. They also offer ziplines, rock climbing, symphony, water slides, and even surfing on the ship. 

At Norwegian Cruise Line, expect to find spas, entertainment, casinos, water slides, with family fun activities with kids play, water fun, and even bowling. 

What is so appealing to cruises is someone else is doing the "driving," creating meals for you, cleaning up after you, and giving you tons of activities and you don't have to do a think but walk from event to event on the ship, enjoy times on shore to check out the lovely locations, and the most romantic sky every evening on the dark sea.