Beaches and Bikinis: Finding Motivation For Weight Loss

Post by Sharon

It's that time of year when we start getting spring fever, sometimes simply jumping spring for the promise of summer. With New Years inspiring to lose weight while we can still wear heavy clothing to cover up our changing bodies, desire to go to a beach and parade in a swimsuit abound.

Sometimes, the best way to get to a goal is treat it in your mind as if you are thankful you already have it - even if you don't technically. 

Some ways to find inspirations

Coastal Living Magazine
Swimsuit catalogs like Venus
YouTube videos of beach mansions
Video interviews with women in great shape in their 50s
A Sheryl Crow video about Soaking Up the Sun
A video of a woman's 70-pound weight loss
Burning a beach-scented candle

A suntan-lotion coconut-inspired scent for your body
Use a sunlamp
Stylish sunglasses
Keto-friendly South Beach Diet Plan 
Enjoy the locations of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition
Hang up goal bikini - adorable tie dye one HERE 

Movies to inspire beach and bikinis - 
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Just Go With It
The Other Woman
Flirty With Forty
Fool's Gold

Sometimes the best inspiration is to envision the end product - 

Whether you photoshop your head onto a body that is similar to yours when it's slender or you use sites like FACE IN HOLE to do it for you - partake of the vision.

And, don't forget your Jimmy Buffett tunes -