Best Fishing Holes in America

Post by Sharon

I admit that when I was growing up, fishing involved the Chesapeake Bay, but freshwater fishing has always intrigued me. For all the fishermen out there, here's some research into great target zones depending on where you live and what kind of fish you desire.

Lake Erie, Pennsylvania - walleyes, steelhead, smallmouth Bass
Watts Bar Lake, Tennessee - blue catfish and striped bass
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota - northern pike
Lake Lamar Bruce, Mississippi - largemouth bass
Pyramid Lake, Nevada - cutthroat trout
OH Ivie Reservoir, Texas - largemouth bass
Columbia River, Washington - walleyes
Salt River, Wyoming - brown trout
Wappinger Creek, New York - carp
Rio Grande River, New Mexico - walleyes

If you like saltwater fishing, Cape Cod, Massachusetts is top of the list.